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“When you will be able to play inside the eagle’s bone, then a new world will open up before you and you will be able to see with the eagle’s eyes”. (Nepalese shaman)

sun dance cheyenne

In the Sun Dance of the Cheyenne the whistles of eagle bone whose sound, directed to the four directions, has a great power, invoke the eagle’s strength in the ceremony in which the world is created.

Flautista tanzania

 Flute player (Tanzania), style of the Evolved Hunters, (8th millennium bce, from Anati, 1988). The prehistoric artist rendered graphically the coming out of sound from the tip of the wind instrument as the trickling of simple dots. Maybe this is the subtlest way to represent the music of the origins, which is essentially imitative and in many respects it answers the same demands that moved prehistoric man to dance. Through the sounds that imitate the noises of nature (the wind, the thunder, the animal cries, the birds’ songs) man was convinced he could capture magically the forces of Nature, from which his very survival depended.


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