Gaudenzio Ragazzi

My name is Gaudenzio Ragazzi, I am an independent researcher passionate about Camunian art and a scholar of gesture and dance in Prehistory, a topic on which I discussed my degree thesis at the end of the 1980s.

The contributions to the study of gesture and dance in Prehistory are published in the proceedings of the international conferences in which I participated, but also in journals of Prehistoric Art, the history of dance and Astronomy. Thanks to the investigation method I am perfecting, the Archeology of Knowledge, some aspects of the Western tradition that have been preserved up to the present time, the rituals, the religious ceremonies, the symbols, still retain their archaic matrix and can be the point starting point for understanding the past, even the most remote one. This explains the attention I have dedicated to some aspects of the Alpine cultural tradition, such as archaic technology, games, ancient legends.

my publications

C’era una volta il Torchio

Versione digitale

di Gaudenzio Ragazzi


L’albero del tempo

Versione digitale

di Gaudenzio Ragazzi


La danza delle origini

Versione cartacea

di Gaudenzio Ragazzi


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